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Financial Capacity Requirement - Oct 2023

Genuine Temporary Entrant - Australian Student Visa

Apart from paying the Tuition Fee, Visa Fee, Overseas Student Health Cover amount a student needs to demonstrate his/her financial capacity. This financial capacity requirement is in place to ensure that international students have the means to support themselves while studying in Australia. Its not just showing but student must prove that he/she has access to the funds.

Let's try to understand that depending on each region in Australia the cost of living would differ. Its always better to do a research about the region that you are heading to and plan your finances accordingly.

To fulfill the requirement a student can show the following documents as proof:

  • Bank Savings Statement - Six months

  • Education Loan Sanction Letter

  • Mortgage Deed

  • Fixed Deposit Statement

  • Affidavit of student sponsors (in case the student is sponsored)

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