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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Our foray into education stems out of our passion and gradual success accomplished over the last 14 years since the inception of ACROSS GROUP. With a team of dedicated professionals managing and directing the company's growth, ACROSS EDUCATION was formed with a purpose of serving students and parents to address a pronounced need that is so very imperative and critical in shaping the future of every student through right counselling and advice by  experienced professional counsellors.


In the words of Albert Einstein – Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, people will believe that the fish is quite stupid. The fish’s best ability is to swim in the water. Understanding the fact that every person possesses traits and characters that are unique in itself that will help them shine in specific careers, our counsellor's advice with their experience, research and in depth analysis will provide students and parents with the right solutions for a clear and bright pathway.

From choosing the right institution worldwide to landing safely and settling down in the chosen country, our team at ACROSS EDUCATION will stand as a credible source of support system for guiding students in their pursuit towards accomplishing their career goals.  

Advisory Board

Our advisors consist of leading international academics and management professionals of various leading International Universities. 

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